Home Made Broccoli And Stilton Cheese Soup

This is my direction to form a decent hearty broccoli and Stilton soup. Like ME in time you may in all probability adapt and alter however you are doing things. this is not visiting be a direction with actual amounts.

So let's start with what you would like to form a decent broccoli and Stilton soup.

  • A good head of broccoli 
  • Stilton cheese 
  • 2 Medium sized onions - white or red, sliced 
  • 2 - three Cloves of garlic 
  • 2 Medium sized baking potatoes, peeled 
  • Stock - I tend to use a vegetable broth 
  • Approximately 800 millilitre of predicament 
  • A couple of knobs of butter 
  • Salt and Pepper 
  • Fresh or dried herbs 
  • A hand liquidiser

First place the butter in an exceedingly massive pan, together with the sliced onions and roughly shredded cloves of garlic over an occasional to medium heat. allow them to sweat for about ten minutes or till the onions begin to travel clear.

Next slash the broccoli head and wader and place this in to the pan to conjointly sweat. you'll facilitate this a touch any by inserting the lid on the cooking pan. slash the in the buff potatoes into medium sized cubes and conjointly place within the pan.

While this is often all occurring, crumble a vegetable broth in an exceedingly activity jug and pour over some 700 - 800 millilitre of predicament. Stir therefore on facilitate the broth dissolve.

Pour the stock over the contents within the cooking pan and shortly waken the boil, before cooking for about five minutes. come out the warmth and let it cool.

Place a dish towel on the room worktop and place the cooking pan of soup on high. The dish towel can stop the cooking pan from traveling once you begin to mix the contents of the cooking pan.

At this stage add the Stilton cheese a pair grinds of black pepper some salt and also the herbs like a bunch of parsley. provides it a fast stir to combine everything along.

Put the hand liquidiser into the cooking pan and provides it some bursts to interrupt down the soup ingredients, minding you do not spray it over your room. because the ingredients begin to liquefy you'll begin to mix till you have got a pleasant swish soup. style to determine if a lot of salt and pepper is needed.

Either re-heat the soup and serve with a French stick or pour into to containers and place within the fridge/freezer to own at a later date.


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